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A Digital Gateway to Global-Standard Education

We have built a world-class educational ecosystem that provides students with the best learning experience.

Welcome to Rankpedia International School

An internationally accredited online school that delivers high-quality education to students across the globe.
Certified Teachers

Educators are globally competent and have years of experience.

Learning Experience

Real-world activities to enhance the learning process.

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Global Certificate

Certifications that are recognized and valued across the world.

Upcoming Event

Events bring out the talents and creativity of students and help in the refinement of their skills

2021-12-30 12:00
2022-01-15 11AM to 15PM
2022-02-16 17:00

Our Classes

The captivating lessons delivered by our experts keep learners actively engaged in the learning process

Study Process Gallery

The images portray the fun-learning learning journey of our students. The school’s activities motivate students to learn and make the learning process exciting and enjoyable.

Our Awesome Teachers

Educators are internationally certified, experienced, and equipped to deal with students belonging to different cultural, linguistic, and social backgrounds.