Cambridge Pathway is designed for students aged 5 to 19 and has four stages – Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced. Its wide range of subjects and flexibility gives schools the chance to shape the curriculum so that it is exciting and relevant for their own students.

In Rankpedia International School, grade 4 is the part of Cambridge Primary Programme. Cambridge Primary Programme provides a broad and balanced education for the learners. Individual attention, holistic, creative and stress-free learning are ensured for each child.

In Rankpedia International We encourage students to think critically and emphasise their creative elements. We are offering STEM-based subjects in Grade 4 which absolutely align with Cambridge learners’ attributes.

Our pedagogical teaching-learning method for grade 4 students, hands-on activity, and simulation make learning joyful. Our in house eLearning products are great support for the students.

Students are part of different activities and clubs which helps them to discover and fuel their passion. In Rankpedia International School students also get the opportunity to select their screen time.

Educational programme in detail:

Subjects offered in Rankpedia International School buoy students to be curious and enable them to seek scientific explanations for the phenomena around them.

Language subjects, mathematics, and science encourage students with a lifelong enthusiasm for analytical and rational thinking, reading, writing and spoken communication. Subjects like global perspective develop the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. Subjects like computing support to enhance their technical skill.

Subjects offered:

● Cambridge Primary English
● Cambridge Primary Mathematics
● Cambridge Primary Global Perspective
● Cambridge Primary Science.
● Cambridge Primary Art and Design
● Cambridge Primary Music/ Drama
● Cambridge Primary Computing
● Cambridge Primary English as second Language/French/German/Hindi

Activities Involved

  • Nature’s Club
  • Reader’s Club
  • Theatre
  • Personal Well Being
  • Art and Craft