Cambridge Pathway is for students aged 5 to 19. The Cambridge pathway has a wide range of subjects and provides flexibility to students in choosing the subjects and skills they would want to learn. The curriculum is made exciting and relevant to the children. Cambridge Pathway students have the chance to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to achieve at school, university, and beyond.

Cambridge lower secondary, the second stage of the pathway prepares students for the next step of their education, providing a clear path as they progress through the Cambridge Pathway in an age-appropriate way. Children who start grade 7 fall under the second stage of the Cambridge Pathway, which is the Cambridge Lower Secondary. Typically those children who complete the age of 11.5 years would be taking up Grade 7.

Educational Programs

Cambridge syllabus and support material also emphasize the learner attributes in subject-specific ways that complement their holistic development. The Cambridge learner attributes like Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative, and Engaged are completely integrated into the teaching-learning practices of Rankpedia International School.

Rankpedia International School promotes the development of these five powerful and highly desirable learning habits that will inspire students to love learning and help them to lead fulfilled and successful lives. They will be able to skillfully employ a broad range of cognitive skills and socio-emotional skills (including personality qualities such as resilience, self-motivation, and self-regulation) towards effectively managing their performance.

The basic sciences, maths, and languages will be strengthened in this grade and built upon their previous learnings. Arts, Music, Design will also be extremely helpful for the all-round development and progress of the students and they will be provided by our trained and expert teachers.

We will also develop 21st Century skills for our students under four broad categories ‘ways of thinking, ‘ways of working, ‘tools for working’ and ‘living in the world’.

Subjects like Global Perspectives and ICT will be preparing the students for living in the new world of technology and global interconnectedness.

Our focus will also be on socio-emotional skills, emotional intelligence, collaboration, and communication skills. We also understand that students need goal-directed deliberate practice to develop and embed skills that will help them progress, improve their understanding and apply their knowledge. Hence, the teaching-learning practices will be built around these skills and principles.

Subjects offered:

● Cambridge Lower Secondary English
● Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics
● Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspective
● Cambridge Lower Secondary Science.
● Cambridge Lower Secondary Art and Design
● Cambridge Lower Secondary Music/ Drama
● Cambridge Lower Secondary Computing
● Cambridge Lower Secondary English as second Language/French/German/Hindi

Activities Involved

  • Nature’s Club
  • Reader’s Club
  • Theatre
  • Personal Well Being
  • Art and Craft